GENESIS - Token Genesis Transaction

This is the first transaction which defines the properties, metadata and initial mint quantity of the token The token is thereafter uniquely identified by the token genesis transaction hash which is referred to as token_id.

token_type indicates the SLP sub-protocol:

This document specifies the rules and operation of the Permissionless Token Type (1) only. Tokens of different types cannot be mixed, and so future specifications of other token types will not affect the consensus validity of type 1.

mint_baton_vout: Future token supply increases are made possible if the genesis endows a specific transaction output with a "minting baton" that can be passed along and used for future minting (using 'MINT' transactions) If mint_baton_vout is not present or refers to a nonexistent output, then the baton does not exist and the token provably has a one-time issuance.

decimals: indicates that 1 token is divisible into 10^decimals base units SLP messages store whole numbers indicating token amounts as measured in the base unit, analogous to how bitcoin transactions store BCH amounts measured in the base unit 'satoshis' With a token FOO having decimals of 6 indicated in the genesis, for example, the quantity 12.53 FOO (as displayed in wallet software) would be represented by 12530000 base units (as 8 bytes, hex 0000000000bf3150) A decimals of 8 would give the same divisibility as bitcoin, whereas 0 would give indivisible tokens.

The genesis transaction includes an initial minting of initial_token_mint_quantity base units, placed on the second transaction output (vout=1).

Transaction inputs: Any number of inputs or content of inputs, in any order.

Transaction outputs:

vout ScriptPubKey ("Address") BCH amount Implied token amount (base units)
<lokad_id: 'SLP\x00'> (4 bytes, ascii)1
<token_type: 1> (1 to 2 byte integer)
<transaction_type: 'GENESIS'> (7 bytes, ascii)
<token_ticker> (0 to ∞ bytes, suggested utf-8)
<token_name> (0 to ∞ bytes, suggested utf-8)
<token_document_url> (0 to ∞ bytes, suggested ascii)
<token_document_hash> (0 bytes or 32 bytes)
<decimals> (1 byte in range 0x00-0x09)
<mint_baton_vout> (0 bytes, or 1 byte in range 0x02-0xff)
<initial_token_mint_quantity> (8 byte integer)
any2 0
1 Initial mint receiver any2 initial_token_mint_quantity
... Any any2 0
M (M=mint_baton_vout) Mint baton receiver any2 0
+ 'baton'
... Any any2 0

1 - The Lokad identifier is registered as the number 0x504c53 (which, when encoded in the 4-byte little-endian format expected for Lokad IDs, gives the ascii string 'SLP\x00') Inquiries and additional information about the Lokad system of OP_RETURN protocol identifiers can be found at maintained by Joannes Vermorel.

2 - SLP does not impose any restrictions on BCH output amounts Typically however the OP_RETURN output would have 0 BCH (as any BCH sent would be burned), and outputs receiving tokens / mint batons would be sent only the minimal 'dust' amount of 0.00000546 BCH.